North Korea reopens its borders to foreigners, according to Chinese media

This is information that should not change the lives of many people, except perhaps that of extreme tourists, fans of destinations not recommended by the authorities of many countries. North Korea has decided to allow foreign nationals to enter its territory after three years of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese state television CCTV said on Monday.

However, the official North Korean press has not relayed any information at this stage concerning a reopening of the borders.

Isolated for more than 3 years

Kim Jong Un’s country has largely cut itself off from the outside world since early 2020 when the authoritarian state closed its borders, including to its own nationals, due to the pandemic.

Korea had recorded several cases of Covid in May 2022, particularly in the capital Pyongyang. But Kim Jong Un, himself fallen ill during the epidemic, declared a few months later that he had won a “resounding victory” against the virus and had ordered the lifting of almost all restrictions.

Pyongyang began showing signs of reopening this month, with Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia and sending athletes to the Asian Games in Hangzhou (China). Last August, the regime authorized its nationals isolated for three years abroad to return to North Korea.

According to CCTV, foreign nationals who wish to enter the country will still be subject to two days of isolation upon arrival.

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