“Not many teams could do that at Real”, underlines Grealish (City)

Jack Grealish and Kyle Walker hailed Manchester City’s fine performance against Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

Jack Grealish (Manchester City midfielder, winner of Real Madrid 4-0 in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League,at the microphone of BT Sports):

It’s incredible. We spoke last week, after the match (first leg, 1-1) and here we are again a week later and it was 4-0. I don’t think many teams could do that at Real Madrid. But when we play like that, especially here (at the Etihad), I don’t know why but I saw a statistic recently on the number of matches we have won at home in the Champions League (24 matches out of the last 26, for two draws) and here we are just unstoppable, we feel invincible. We beat Bayern Munich (3-0), Leipzig (7-0), it’s just incredible“.

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Kyle Walker (Manchester City defender, speaking to BT Sports): “We knew it would be hard and sometimes we let ourselves be overwhelmed by emotion, we wondered a little how it was going to be. But we controlled the ball very well, especially in the first half. In the second half, we were a bit clumsy, we returned the ball in areas where we shouldn’t lose it, but we managed to hold on until the end and that’s the main thing.“.

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