Notre-Dame: work is progressing as planned, the cathedral spire will even be installed before the Olympics

The reconstruction of Notre-Dame is progressing as planned despite the disappearance this summer of General Jean-Louis Georgelin, who died suddenly in the mountains, who was supervising the work. The spire of the monument should even be visible at the opening of the Olympic Games in July 2024, his successor Philippe Jost said on Thursday. franceinfo.

For his first speech since his appointment last weekthe general’s former right-hand man also ured that the reopening of the cathedral was still planned for December 2024. That is to say more than five years after the gigantic fire which ravaged the building.

The disappearance of Jean-Louis Georgelin “could” have had an impact on the pace of the work “but, in fact, we really have the determination to continue his work. We owe it to many, but we also owe it to him,” said Philippe Jost.

Interior restorations “almost completed today”

He also anticipated that the spire and the silhouette of the cathedral should be visible on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, this one having to take place on the Seine. The spire, a “masterpiece of wooden framework”, will rise up to 100 m in height and will be visible “at the end of 2023”, he explained. It will then be revealed “as it is covered with its cover, to protect the wooden frame”. This will be done “throughout the first half of 2024”, i.e. before the Olympic Games.

“The silhouette of the cathedral has completely changed since the fire. I hope that, during the Olympic Games in July 2024, we will also have found this large roof of the cathedral and this spire above. And everyone will perceive at that moment that we are really very close to reopening a few months later “, he continued.

Inside, Notre-Dame “is still scaffolded but, when you enter, you are struck by its brilliance”, the cleaning and interior restorations being “almost completed today”, also revealed Philippe Jost.

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