Nurse murdered in Reims, Maddie McCann, fighters in Russia: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

A 38-year-old nurse died, and a 56-year-old medical secretary seriously injured after a knife attack on Monday at the hospital in Reims (Marne). The two women were attacked at the start of the afternoon by “a 59-year-old man from Reims, with a psychiatric history”, who was quickly arrested. An investigation is opened for “ination” and “attempted ination”. “The aggression of a caregiver is something unspeakable, inadmissible”, said the Minister of Health François Braun this Tuesday morning, paying tribute to the two women attacked. A minute of silence will be observed at 1:30 p.m. in the CHU.

What else to remember

Violence against doctors is on the rise. Insults, threats, blows… In 2022, rising violence against doctors go up a notch. According to the security observatory of the national order council, which publishes these results on Tuesday, 1,244 incidents have been declared. In 71% of cases, the victims are general practitioners, “the first point of entry for patients” in town centers in urban areas, then specialists (29%), psychiatrists (4%) and cardiologists (3% ).

New research into the Maddie McCann case. This Tuesday, at the request of the German authorities, the Portuguese police are carrying out excavations near a dam located about fifty kilometers from where British girl Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007. This request follows the indictment of the main suspect in Germany: Christian Brueckner, a repeat pedophile who lived for several years in southern Portugal. According to several local media, divers had already searched this area in 2008. But they had found only animal remains.

The war in Ukraine is exported to Russia. In the aftermath of attacks by fighters from Ukraine which injured eight people in Russia, in Belgorod, the governor announced that two houses were bombed by drones. This is the first attack to have taken on such a scale, with several villages hit by shells. This Tuesday morning, bombardments would have affected several localities in the border areas with Ukraine, announce the Russian authorities.

Since then, the Russian security services (FSB) have introduced on Monday afternoon the “legal regime of anti-terrorist operation zone” in the region, giving increased powers to the authorities to carry out armed operations, control civilians or even evacuate populations. This is a first since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in February 2022.

it concerns you

The unbreathable subway air. A new survey of air quality in the underground network, which Le Parisien was able to consult exclusively, indicates that the “overpollution” caused by metro and RER traffic is more than twice the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a disparity according to the lines. This overpollution is stronger on line 5 and RER A, for example. Discover here the most affected lines.

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