“Objective Top Chef” changes recipe on M6

The show welcomes two new recruits who come to lend a hand to Philippe Etchebest. The latter will have a new role in the program.

This year, everything changes in “Top Chef Goal”. If Philippe Etchebest is still looking for the best apprentice or amateur in France to join his brigade in the next edition of “Top chef”he will no longer be alone in his quest.

Yoann Conte, two-star chef at La maison bleue restaurant in Annecy and Juan Arbelaez former candidate for “Top Chef” (season 3) at the head of 14 restaurants, come to ist him during this ninth new season, of which M6 launches the broadcast this Monday, September 4.

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Philippe Etchebest behind one-way gl

For the first time, Philippe Etchebest will no longer meet the contestants but will taste their dishes blind. He will therefore know absolutely nothing about them. It will, however, be placed behind one-way gl allowing participants to see it and follow its reactions and comments. Juan and Yoann, for their part, will be in charge of crisscrossing France and will travel 24,000 kilometers to get to know the 72 participants in this new season. The latter will no longer only make them taste their signature dish but will have to highlight their culinary universe through a staging. On a beach or in a field, the cooks will try to surprise the two chefs by proving their originality. In each episode, two of them will face Juan Arbelaez and Yoann Conte who will each give them a score out of 5.

Then, in a second step, they will go to the kitchens of “Objectif Top chef” to take part in a test during which everyone will be coached by one of the chefs. Their achievements will be tasted by Philippe Etchebest who will give them a score out of 10. The candidate who has obtained the most points out of 20 at the end of these two challenges will be qualified for the rest of the competition. On Friday, the four qualified contestants will face off in the week’s grand finale. Once again, Yoann and Juan will coach them and Philippe Etchebest will taste the preparations blind.

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A complementary and endearing duo

This unique mechanism delights the starred chef based in Bordeaux. “This new season reminds me of the very beginning of the showhe explains. The years go by and are not alike so I can’t get enough of this program. The fact of tasting and judging only the plate represents a different exercise which refocuses the competition on the culinary side. I am no longer in the affect. With these novelties, the chef will only discover at the last minute the candidate who will join his brigade in season 15 of “Top Chef”. “It’s almost a bit frustratinghe admits. But it is a challenge, it will be necessary to go quickly in the complicity with the candidate. Juan Arbelaez and Yoann Conte form a complementary and endearing duo.

Juan Arbelaez and Yoann Conte criss-crossed France to meet the candidates for “Objectif Top Chef” on M6. PIERRE OLIVIER/M6

They loved this unique experience. “We get attached to the candidates, we love them. We are here to support them and bring out the best in them”, explains the first. The Colombian leader former companion of Laury Thillemanmeanwhile ped on some of his television experience. “I am a child of Top chefI lived this experience, this pressure, this competitionhe confides. It was very gratifying to be able to p on some of my experience and experience to these young chefs and amateurs. We were amazed several times by the very high level of the candidates. Some also had incredible life journeys.”

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