“Obviously I’m disappointed”: La Zarra returns, in music, to his defeat at Eurovision

She admits to being “disappointed”, “to have flinched, to have lost”, and expresses “regrets”. ten days later his defeat at Eurovisionthe Quebec singer La Zarra returned, in music, to her page in the musical competition, in a video broadcast on social networks on Monday.


Of course I hear them sing
In the streets of liverpool
I see people coming from everywhere
Sing the language of Molière

Of course I’m proud
to carry the flag of this France,
Me who is French in the act
But not in the birth certificate pic.twitter.com/I23JfbQFX8

— La Zarra (@LaZarra_) May 22, 2023

To the tune of her title “Obviously”, which represented France, the singer returned to her experience of the competition. “Obviously I’m proud to carry the flag of this France, me who is (sic) French in the act, but not in the birth certificate,” she said.

She admits to feeling “disappointed, to have failed, to have lost”, while she was inhabited by a “fear of not being up to it”. “Obviously I have regrets… Obviously I’ll do it again! “, she adds.

“Nothing hurts me anymore”

Often described as a “diva” for her tough attitude while preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest, and critiqued after having done a gesture resembling a middle finger after the announcement of her defeat, the interpreter ures us that “nothing more” surprises her or “hurts” her. “Not even the insults in the press. I take the hits, I make my way, they will do their job, I will do mine, ”she adds.

In comments to his video, dozens of Internet fans of La Zarra and Eurovision wanted to support him. “Obviously we are proud of you, your performance, your song, the fact that you are whole! “, reacted a fan. “Insane you are, insane you will remain! “, abounds another.

Saturday, May 13, La Zarra arrived in 16th place in Eurovision. This 2023 edition of the competition was won by Sweden’s Loreen, with the title “Tattoo”.

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