Official statement regarding Blinken’s visit to Türkiye came

A statement came from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Turkey.

Release: 00:08 – 05 November 2023 Updated:

Official statement regarding Blinken's visit to Türkiye came

In the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit our country on 5-6 November 2023. “At the meeting to be held on Monday, it is anticipated that ideas will be exchanged on the situation in Gaza, regional issues and bilateral relations.”

The visit will take place in the shadow of the US support for Israel, which bombs the Gaza Strip.


Blinken visited 7 countries in the Middle East after the start of the Israel-Hamas conflicts, and Turkey was not among these countries.

Blinken last came to Turkey after the devastating earthquakes on February 6.

This visit of Blinken, who went to Ankara and earthquake zones, took place between 19-20 February.


President and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave remarkable messages at the Great Istanbul rally held in Istanbul last weekend.

“Those who shed crocodile tears yesterday for the civilians murdered in the Ukrainian-Russian War are silently watching the deaths of thousands of innocent children today,” said President Erdoğan, adding: “You shed tears for those who died in Ukraine, but who are these babies who died in Gaza? Why don’t you speak up? O West, I am calling out to you, do you want to start a crescent-crusade struggle again? If you are in such an effort, know that this nation is not dead, this nation is standing tall. “In the same way, with the same determination, we are in the Middle East what we are in Libya and Karabakh,” he said.


President Erdoğan stated that this picture alone tells them a lot and that they have experienced hypocrisy, this double standard, this unconscionable and immoral discrimination many times in the attacks of PKK, ISIS and FETO, and said: “They came from tens of thousands of kilometers away under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, Those who brutally murdered millions of people did not want to give us the right to protect our own borders, our own homeland, and our own citizens. Now I’m speaking clearly; Whatever we have done and achieved in the fight against terrorism, especially in the last ten years, we have achieved despite these. “Hopefully, from now on, we will continue to move forward on the path we have drawn, with the motto ‘We can come suddenly one night’,” he said.

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