Olivier Giroud, author of his 51st goal for the France team against Australia: “Titi, watch out, I’m coming! »

“Can you tell us what it feels like to equal Thierry Henry?
It is a great pride, an honor to be able to be at his side in the France team. I measure all the work done. It is also a collective work. I try to finish the work of the guys well.

When we approach the record, do we play differently?
It’s something I keep in the back of my mind, but it’s not a problem for me on the pitch. I think above all about what I have to do, help the team win matches. My personal case comes later. When I receive good balls in the box, I try to achieve what I know how to do.

You have scored five goals in five matches since March. Did you have the appetite to catch up with Henry so quickly?
(Laughs) It is certain that since I was called back, I had the desire to show that I was 200% with the France team and the coach gave me this opportunity and I seized it. It is important to be present in these moments.

Do you have a quick note for Henry?
I’m sure he must have written to me (laughs). We like to sleep. Titi, watch out, I’m coming! »

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