Olivier Véran considers “anachronistic” the refusal of certain players to wear rainbow flocking in L1 and L2

Guest of the show Telematinon France 2 this Monday morning, government spokesman Olivier Véran reacted to the refusal of certain players from Toulouse, Nantes and even Guingamp to play with the flocked jersey in rainbow colors this weekend, in the part of an annual campaign organized by the LFP to fight against phobia.

It sucks. I was reading an article earlier where someone, a coach I believe, said that phobia was an opinion: no, it’s a crime »said the minister, obviously referring to the remarks made this Sunday by Eric Roythe coach of Brest (“ We can see that there are players for whom this is a problem. Everyone has their own opinions, personally, that’s not a problem for me. “). Veran added: It’s anachronistic: we live in an era today […] where everyone is free to love themselves as they wish ».

“Many young people today still suffer from phobia in their daily lives”

Olivier Véran, government spokesperson

Asked about the need to impose sanctions on recalcitrant players, Olivier Véran explained: ” If I was coach (sic) or director of a football team, I would say to my players: ”It’s important to do this, it’s the message you’re sending to young people”. He recalled that “Many young people today still suffer from phobia in their daily lives and all means are good to help normalize what is already normal. »

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