On Friday evening, on Antenne 2, we watched “Apostrophes” by Bernard Pivot…

Bernard Pivot on the set of “Apostrophes”, in 1985. © Louis Monier/Bridgeman Images

“My life with Bernard Pivot”, a sensitive story by Noël Herpe, brings the Pivot years back to life and brings us back to a time when literature was the heyday of television and bookstores.

Of course, this is a time that people under 20 cannot know. The “Apostrophes” years, from 1975 to 1990(and those of culture broth which succeeded it in a similar form from 1991 to 2001) have had a profound effect on generations of viewers and readers. DVD reissues, online releases on the INA website or on other sites still testify today to the curiosity and nostalgia of many. Nostalgia: yes, you have to write the word well. Because “Apostrophes” is a “France before“. On the public service, the only one in this case, and on Antenne 2, every Friday around 9:40 p.m., books and literature are in the spotlight. Authors have a face, a voice, a presence. The public wants more. It is true that there are then only three television channels. The show is an appointment in the same way as “The Files of the screen”, “At the theater tonight” or “Right of reply”.

Obviously, the success owes a lot to the animator: Bernard Pivot

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