on the set of Murders on the Blue Coast with Jean-Pierre Foucault

WE WERE THERE – The host plays in an episode of the famous France 3 collection in the south of France, while waiting to present the Miss France 2024 competition on December 16…

“Scorpionfish, gurnard, John Dory, conger eel. And do you also have monkfish?” In front of a fishmonger’s stall on the small marina of Sausset-les-Pins in the Bouches du Rhône, Jean-Pierre Foucault orders the ingredients for the bouillabaisse in a confident voice. Despite appearances, the host of TF1 does not prepare his evening menu but gives the answer in fiction Murders on the Blue Coast For France 3 of which he is one of the main figures.

His order made, he leaves on the arm ofAlexandra Vandernoot, who plays his partner. Cut! “It’s a success, well done Jean-Pierre”, congratulates Marjolaine De Lécluse, the director. For ten days, whoever will present the election of miss France 2024 on December 16 in Dijon has launched a new challenge: becoming an actor for the duration of a film shoot.

Anne Holmes, director of programs and French fiction at France Télévisions, advised me to start with a Murders at »

Jean-Pierre Fouccault

An idea born in the mind of Christophe Koszarek, producer at Jara Prod (Cmedia). “I wanted to develop fiction in my companyhe explains. Anne Holmes, director of programs and French fiction at France Télévisions, advised me to start with a Murders at explaining to me thatthey sometimes chose personalities who are not necessarily actors but big headliners. I immediately thought of Jean-Pierre because we have known each other for thirty years. When I was 20, he hired me at RMC. So I found it funny to have him debut in a TV movie! I told myself that it would amuse him because it would be a new exercise.”

“Now that I have to learn texts, even though I haven’t done so since my school days, I wonder why I said yes! »

Jean-Pierre Foucault

And he was right, the host not having hesitated for a second. “I spoke about it to TF1 who had the great elegance to allow me to do it. But I have to admit that, now that I have to learn texts, even though I haven’t done it since my school days, I wonder why I said yes!», confides the latter with laughing eyes

To help him, production igned him a coach. Alexandre Thibault, who made himself known in A wonderful family and has been playing a new character for several days in Tomorrow belongs to us help in learning dialogues and the guide. “It’s not my job so it’s a big helpconfides Jean-Pierre Foucault. The most difficult thing is learning the texts and that bothers me. Alexandre helps me integrate the scenes the day before for the next day, he gives me advice on the tone. It’s a long-term job and I didn’t think it would be this complicated for me. » Very hardworking, he even rehearses very late in the evening. “Sometimes my wife says to me, ‘I didn’t understand last night, you were talking to yourself.’ In fact, I was rehearsing!”he continues. “He’s a great student.”launches his repeater as he pes near him. “At first it seemed impossible. He was very anxious. We both created a bubble of trust. He really wants to learn and do well.”

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An architect in love

Filming continues. Jean-Pierre Foucault and Alexandra Vandernoot are always in front of the fishmonger’s stall to can various shots. An element that the host had not anticipated. “When I present Miss France, it lasts three hours and then I’m finished. Today, we’re going to shoot a minute of fiction and it’s going to take half a day with the fields, the reverse shots, the different camera axes… It’s a meticulous job that we can’t imagine. »

Alexandra Vandernoot and Jean-Pierre Foucault play a scene in fiction Murders on the Blue Coast. François LEFEBVRE

This is not the first filming of Jean-Pierre Foucault who participated in six films or fictions during his career. Each time, he played his own role. This time, he plays Marc Venci, a heritage architect, in love with the mother of a police officer (Garance Thénault) who tries to resolve an investigation in the region with Lino Perrin (Serge Riaboukine), another police officer, and of whom he is one of the witnesses. He also has a son who worries him.
Facing the fish, the animator’s eye twitches just before taking a new shot. “Do you mind if I say beef fillet and lamb chop instead? It would change a little”, he jokes, addressing the director and her partner. Alexandra Vandernoot, smiles. The actress, who will reappear at the beginning of 2024 in Here it all begins with the character of Annabelle Cardone, flourishes on the set of this Murder at. “Everyone is friendly and in a good moodshe explains. I had already toured with Stéphane Bern in Bellefond it went very well. I do not consider Jean-Pierre as a facilitator but as a partner who plays a role. He is very humble and listens to what the director asks of him. We laugh a lot outside of takes. »

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A visit from his wife and daughter

Sitting on a chair a little further back, a woman watches the filming with an attentive eye. Evelyne Jarre, the wife of Jean-Pierre Foucault, wanted to pay him a little visit, as did the host’s daughter, Virginie, who also stopped by to encourage him. “It’s a challenge for Jean-Pierreexplains the presenter’s companion. He is very anxious and very serious. He learns his lines, he arrives early for the shoot, he is even more attentive than usual so as not to be caught off guard. He’s a perfectionist. When he films his shows, he is the “boss”, he must control everything, decide everything. There, it’s different so he knows his dialogues perfectly. Personally, I am pionate about the Meurtres à collection, I have seen them all and even some several times!

Happy to be accompanied by his wife and Alexandra Vandernoot, his fictional fiancée, the historic presenter of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “Sacrée soir” poses for a souvenir photo. “You notice that my movie wife is closer to me than the real one”he jokes. “It’s because she knows it won’t last!” retorts his wife with humor.

Evelyne Jarre, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Alexandra Vandernoot. François LEFEBVRE

There is a lovely atmosphere at the port of Sausset-les-Pins, the team seeming to form a real little family. “Some actors refuse to play with hostsnotes Pascale Portois, the artistic producer. Those we chose were happy to share the poster with Jean-Pierre Foucault. There was immediately a great energy. » Garance Thénault, who plays Chloé Soldani, the girl, confirms. “Jean-Pierre is a familiar face who accompanied my Saturday evenings when I was little. I had a somewhat spontaneous affection for him. From the first readings, he was completely at ease with the exercise. What is very pleasant is that he has a freshness, something very childish about him. We feel that he is having fun learning things.”

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An aperitif at his place with the whole team

With his natural sympathy and his great manners, Jean-Pierre Foucault was also very unifying on the set. Regional of the stage, he also invited the team that same evening to come and have an aperitif at his home, in Carry-le-Rouet, a few kilometers from the day’s filming location. “I’m a five minute drive away. This saves production a room”, he quips with a smile on his lips. It was also he who came up with the idea for the theme of the episode. After highlighting local legends, the collection Murders at opens up to cultural heritage. The host, to whom the producer proposed to shoot Murders in Marseillepreferred to direct it towards the blue coast, less known to the general public and representing a part of the Mediterranean extending from Marseille to Port-de-Bouc with viaducts, small ports and coves.

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Clap ! Filming resumes. Jean-Pierre Foucault and his partners are filming one of the final scenes. Impossible to reveal anything, we can only say that he is behind the wheel of a boat (and that he has his license!). Over the course of his eleven days of filming, the budding actor gains confidence and has more and more fun. He who suffered a double cardiac arrest last springis radiant. “In fact, Ihad a stent that had become blocked so I had an operation to unblock it then I had three weeks of rehabilitation in Hyèresconfides the 76-year-old host. Now all is fine. I have the approval of occupational health, insurance and my own because I feel good (laughs). » He fully enjoys this unique experience. “It’s quite extraordinary! And it allows me to occupy my mind. When you work less, you don’t have to stop suddenly, like some of my friends who wait around noon for their lunch pastis. I like working, traveling and having new experiences, it’s always very enriching. »

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