on the set of Pamela Rose, the series with Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux

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On the set of Pamela Rose, the series

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WE WERE THERE – At the start of the year, the duo filmed the rest of their films in the Paris region. The fiction can be discovered Monday November 20 on Canal+ at 9 p.m.

“Welcome to the FBI!” Last January, the former Menier chocolate factory, located in Noisiel (Seine-et-Marne), welcomed the film crews of Pamela Rose, the series . For four weeks, Kad Merad And Olivier Baroux walked the long corridors of the factory founded by the dynasty in the 19th century.

Building on the success of the two films and the podcast, the duo decided to transpose their sketch created in the early 1990s on Oüi FM to television. To make the series supposed to take place in the United States credible, the production chose this imposing site which became the Nestlé head office in 1996. So big that it was used for different settings: the office of Richard Bullit (Kad Merad) and Douglas Riper (Olivier Baroux), those of the boss of the FBI (Claudia Tagbo), of Lieutenant Donuts (Lionel Abelanski), of Jessica Carson (Shirine Boutella) and Adam Blake (Panayotis Pascot), the interrogation room, the panic room, the hackers’ den, the killer’s lair… That’s 40% of the settings for the Canal+ series. The rest was filmed in Mennecy and Courcouronnes in Essonne, or Lésigny and Serris in Seine-et-Marne. Cities prized by filmmakers for their resemblance to American housing estates.

“I wouldn’t do that three times.”

Kad Merad

This Thursday, January 26, Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux are filming a somewhat physical scene. The duo of agents, who are returning to duty, are late for the briefing with Lieutenant Donuts about the murder of a Youtuber and therefore arrive at a run. Due to the different camera shots, the two actors are forced to redo the scene several times. Not easy at 59 years old. “I wouldn’t do that three times.”, warns Kad Merad. And yet. Between two takes, the two men take the opportunity to catch their breath. Sitting in his armchair, Kad Merad grabs his smartphone to check his emails. “I ordered shoes from Showroomprivé.com. They arrive at 5 p.m., I will never be home”declares out loud this follower of the online sales site. “It’s really good Showroom”he adds.

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Season 2 already in the works

1:39 p.m., new take, new sprint. “We’re going to p out, we’re going to have vagal discomfort”, fears Olivier Baroux. His sidekick, always quick to amuse the gallery, intones Papayou to make the time p. At the start of the year, the outside temperature is around 4 degrees. And inside the building, the cold is also felt. Visibly cold, Kad Merad has therefore equipped himself with a heated down jacket and thick leggings which will go unnoticed by viewers. Despite the good atmosphere that reigns on the set, everyone takes their role seriously. Too much perhaps even for Lionel Abelanski. The actor, who played a different character in the two films, repeatedly stumbles over his text. “This is my difficult moment”, he justifies himself. No one holds it against him. His on-screen partners then come to lend him a hand and repeat their exchanges until the correct take is in the box.

Twenty years after the release of the first feature film, Pamela Rose returns this Monday, November 20 on Canal+ at 9 p.m. Even before knowing the reception from the public, Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux are already working on the sequel. “Season 2 is already in the works. We already have the theme, we know where we want to go and viewers will like it. We’re going to try to move around.”announces the first. “It’s a world that we know well and that we like. We are already having meetings. We have the theme but it’s really too early to talk about it. We need to renew ourselves. We can’t tell the same story, we have to be surprising.”adds the second.

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