On YouTube, Tom makes you discover Dawn differently!

“Travelling is my second pion with the image”. Tom Berna lives a dream every day. He gradually begins to be able to live from his job as a professional videographer, while pursuing a longer-term project; he travels the world to make a documentary on alternative, original and environmentally and socially clean travel. His trick is to promote other modes of travel than the car to better discover countries and their inhabitants, all with an on-board camera.

A concept that seduced the Aubadeurs, the private territorial marketing agency. “We told him; ″what you do abroad is great! MWhy don’t you do it in Aube? If it suits you, you join the team ″”, explains Laurent Vittenet, the co-president of the movement. “The idea that we ped on to him is ″ keep the tone you have, and we will finance you for one year an episode every 10th of the month at 10 am, in a nod to the number of the department ″. And we give him carte blanche. The advantage is that he can build his episodes with the 500 ambador members, located all over the department. »

By bike, on foot, by paraglider, or even by plane, no wonder of Dawn escapes Tom Berna's camera./DR
By bike, on foot, by paraglider, or even by plane, no wonder of Dawn escapes Tom Berna’s camera./DR

The Gl’Aube Trotter project is launched. Adventures, challenges, encounters and beautiful images of the department. With this short format of a good ten minutes, “I convince myself that Aube is a super territory”, confirms Tom. “The idea is to find a way to move around differently each time, by bike, scooter, 2CV or even on foot. For example, I loved doing the Pays d’Othe by bike. It’s a little more physically challenging, but you really take the time to admire the landscapes, the beautiful valleys, beautiful spots…”

An unexpected meeting with a former cycling champion

The first video even shows us a nice unexpected encounter between Tom Berna and former cycling champion Guy Gallopin. “I hadn’t expected to puncture a tire so quickly. I come across a person with a bicycle in a street, I said to myself that he would surely be able to help me when I didn’t know much about it. And while repairing my tire, this gentleman tells me that he has toured France, that he was a sports director, that he has a long history in cycling… I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first episode. »

A concept that should very quickly become a great tool for promoting the territory, as the first episodes make you want to discover Aube. This is what the young Trojan videographer wanted. “For me, you have to turn to content that is a little less institutional and with a little more soul. In a video, what is important is to have a story and to attach to people. That’s what I’m trying to create. »

A different form of promotion of the territory to highlight according to Laurent Vittenet. “The Dawn strategy with slow tourism (taking your time), green tourism, lakes, wilderness with forests, heritage… The idea is to bring an additional image and show that we are really in Aube”.

The videos of Gl’Aube Trotter can be found on YouTube, as well as on the social networks of the Aubadeurs

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