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Hired by a powerful landowner, British Lieutenant MacLennan, accompanied by a silent young mestizo Chilean, Segundo, and an American cowboy named Bill, they are responsible for dispossessing the Onas tribes of their land. Quixote Movies

CRITICAL – The Chilean filmmaker Felipe Gálvez Haberle signs a wild fresco in the form of a western on the bloody birth of the Chilean nation. A shock movie.

It is a western of a singular roughness. A film whose images imprint on the retina to stay there for a long time. The Settlers (Los Colonos) by Chilean filmmaker Felipe Gálvez Haberle, presented at Un Certain Regard, received a very warm welcome during its official screening at Cannes. A deserved ovation.

Historical drama of a beautiful harshness, the film takes place in 1901, in the extreme south of Chile, and returns to the genocide of the Onas Indians in Tierra del Fuego. This story inspired by real testimonies tells how a society was able to build itself on an extermination of sad memory. Tierra del Fuego is the secret issue of the film. The western white aristocracy of the time never ceased to want “civilize» this immense and fertile territory. Gálvez Haberle, who knows his clics, sets up a plot in three acts. The first almost takes the form of a spaghetti western, with a lot of trumpeting music à la Ennio Morriconeand imposing purple lettering that…

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