one crime can hide another

By Nathalie Simon



The play by Mathieu Menegaux and Pierre-Alain Leleu. Le Figaro Ticket office

The punchy piece by Mathieu Menegaux and Pierre-Alain Leleu lifts the veil on the deliberations of an ize court at the Pépinière Théâtre.

There is electricity in the air, anger, contained emotion, but also bursts of liberating humor in The Theater Nursery For angry women. Pierre-Alain Leleu revisits I am silent (Gret), Mathieu Menegaux’s first novel with his help by tightening the plot around the heroine who confessed to having horribly taken revenge on her rapists, but demands justice.

The writing and the dialogues of this punchy piece eligible for the Molières 2023 are drawn with string. It is based on a discourse that encourages reflection on the workings of the judicial system.

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