Only you are the architect of your destiny

Only you are the architect of your destiny

During the gala dinner, all the ladies who arrived, and there were 50 of them, introduced themselves and told what they do professionally.

In addition to the distinguished ones, Marta Śmiertelny, one of the exceptional therapists, took the floor, as well as those ladies who have already achieved global success in their profession, such as Karolina Bilska – runner-up in ballroom dancing. The meeting was attended by representatives of many professions: doctors, lawyers, owners of real estate sales and rental companies, owners of food products companies, clothing stores, teachers, and pensioners.

Awarded with the Women in Labor and Business award in 2019, Urszula Brożek, a physiotherapist, encouraged women to act under the slogan “Only you are the architect of your fate”. She suggested that you articulate your dreams out loud and do the following motivational exercises:

  1. Love yourself!

Stand in front of the mirror and apologize to yourself for every criticism, for every crooked look in the mirror, for the words: “I’m fat”, “I’m weak”, “I’m stupid”, “I can’t do it”.

The meeting was attended by women of different ages, working in various professions

Apologize to yourself for feeling down, for seeing yourself in a distorting mirror of self-criticism. Forgive yourself for mistakes, remember you were doing everything at the time, maybe you didn’t have the knowledge or tools then, you had the right to make a mistake.

Remember you are your best friend.

Say “thank you” for getting where you are, for being a mother, grandmother, teacher, business woman. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cleaning, medical or legal business, what matters is that you, the woman, are the head of it. Respect yourself for that.

3. Support yourself, be aware of your success, big and small: that you got out of bed, that you led a meeting for 100 people, that you cleaned the kitchen or baked a cake. This is your success! Accept who you are because you are unique and special.

4. Remember – shout out your dreams.

Where you are now is just the beginning sky is a limit.

And of course, help, help, help!

The friendly atmosphere was conducive to the exchange of experiences and views

In turn, Marta Śmiertelny – a promoter of a healthy lifestyle and natural solutions – said: “I believe that women have great power and together they can create a magical space of valuable support in every sense of the word. My deep intention is to infect others with positive energy and motivate them to make good changes. I want every woman I meet on the road to feel confident and ready to consciously take control of her life and fill it with love, happiness and abundance.”

Elizabeth Popławska

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