open grants to do-it-yourselfers, “a really relevant line of work” for the National Housing Agency

Correct the shot. While the challenge of thermal renovation of housing is the “project of the century”, its main lever, the public aid called “MaPrimeRénov'”, paid to households, has so far mainly been talked about for computer bugs of its Internet platform and the extended delays experienced by some users. Valérie Mancret-Taylor, the discreet director general of the National Housing Agency (ANAH), responsible for the distribution of MaPrimeRénov ‘on behalf of the State, now promises “a continuous improvement of this public service, step by step”.

The main anomaly, in the design of the device, was the choice of a completely dematerialized procedure, the request for subsidy being able to be done only by the means of an Internet platform. In decision rendered on October 14, 2022, the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, had spoken out against “a breach of equality before the public service”in the light of the 13 million French people in a situation of illiteracy, and called for the establishment of a “channel for submitting applications in addition to the dematerialized procedure”.

Recognizing that “the position of the Defender of Rights is legitimate”Valérie Mancret-Taylor announces to the World that the French will be able, from 1er January 2024, open an account and file a “MaPrimeRénov'” file in the 2,600 France services homesthis local network where agents already support households in their day-to-day administrative procedures (health, family, retirement, housing, tax, job search, digital support, etc.). “To do this, we are going to finance the France services network and train public officials, she continues. The objective is to democratize this aid. »

Improving the payment of aid

Because the task is immense. If 1.5 million households have already benefited from MaPrimeRénov’ and if the ANAH processes 25,000 requests per week, the pace of renovation work is not up to France’s commitment to achieve neutrality carbon for housing in 2050. Especially since global renovation projects, the most effective in reducing energy consumption by more than 50%, represented only barely 10% of “MaPrimeRénov'” files in 2022. Accelerating the thermal renovation project also requires a sufficient number of craftsmen throughout the country. “Building federations are aware of these issues and these needs, and they tell us that they are preparing”indicates Mme Mancret-Taylor.

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