Oudéa-Castéra wants “an individualized interview” for each unselected athlete

An athlete not selected for the Olympic Games must benefit from at least an “individualized interview”, or even “support”, declared the Minister of Sports and Games on Friday.

An athlete not selected for the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesmust benefit from at least a “individualized interview“, or even a “accompaniement“, declared Friday the Minister of Sports and Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

His position, during a press conference, responded to a question about judoka Julia Tolofua, who deplored this week the brutality of the announcement of her non-selection for the Games. Vice-world champion in judo in the +78 kg category, the Frenchwoman said on Tuesday that she was like “struck down on the spot» by her non-selection, which she learned through a message of her rival Romane oand deplored the lack of “consideration» of the French Judo Federation.

“His case alerts us”said the minister

Her case, said the minister, “alert us“. “For us, it is extremely important to work with each federation on the form of announcing its choices.», she continued, explaining that she had discussions on this subject, in particular with the French Olympic committee (CNOSF) and the Paralympic Committee (CPSF).

We want to ask that each federation president carry out an individualized interview with the athlete and that during this interview we see with the athlete whether closer support is useful.», Developed the minister.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra mentioned the possibility of offering, for example, a failed athlete to have a conversation with an athlete who would also have “missed the Games four, eight, twelve years ago» but which would then have been selected.

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