Oudéa-Castéra wants sanctions after the refusal to wear rainbow flocking by some players

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The Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, in Orleans for the final of the Women’s French Cup on Saturday. Baptiste Autissier / PANORAMIC

The Minister of Sports reacted on Sunday evening following the refusal of certain players to wear rainbow flocking this weekend as a sign of the fight against phobia.

The subject makes a lot of noise. And the lack of tolerance of some players is brought to the fore. Invited to Stade 2 on Sunday evening, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra reacted to the refusal of certain Ligue 1 players, who play in Toulouse and Nantes, to wear the rainbow jersey as part of the operation to fight against phobia. The Minister of Sports calls for sanctions.

I would first like to salute the action of the LFP, which is doing this operation for the fifth time, with a simple message “ or hetero, we all wear the same jersey,” says Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who showed up in Qatar for a match for the France team, with a rainbow blue sweater. JI deeply regret that we don’t have 100% of the players in France who find themselves in this message of non-discrimination. What are we talking about? It’s essential!, says the Minister We are in a country that has always promoted respect for others and for human rights. It is essential that we can all find ourselves in such a basic message of living together. »

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During the match between Toulouse and Nantes (0-0), played on Sunday, several players were not in the game because of their refusal to support this fight against discrimination against s. Zakaria Aboukhal from Toulouse explained his choice on social networkswhile the Nantes native Mostafa Mohamed, spoke to him of the pressures.

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I think it is the responsibility of the clubs, with a dialogue with their players, to take sanctions, argues the minister. In France, when you have an operation that is framed in this way, which involves all the clubs on a basic subject of non-discrimination, you have to be there. I think it’s necessary. »

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