“Our fate is ours to win the most important championship” swears Guardiola

Regardless of Arsenal’s result, Manchester City can be crowned on Sunday if they win against Chelsea.

Attempting to win the English football championship is like serving for the match at Wimbledon, estimated Friday Pep Guardiola, the coach of the Manchester City club who could be crowned on Saturday if Arsenal lose at Nottingham Forest.

It would be the 5th title in 6 seasons, and the 3rd consecutive, for the Citizens. If Arsenal win, they could still be crowned this weekend if they beat Chelsea on Sunday or by May 28 by winning either of their last two matches against Brighton and Brentford.

Manchester City will also play in the Champions League final against Inter Milan on June 10 in Istanbul.

Now comes the most difficult. Tennis players say serving to win at Wimbledon is hardest“said the Spanish coach to the press. “Sunday, our fate is ours to win the most important championship. We have the chance to play at home in front of our home crowd and we have to take it“.

The last match is the most difficult because there are a lot of emotions and other things. You have to control it and focus. We can’t be distracted now and we wouldn’t forgive ourselves for being“.

We can’t control what happens in Nottingham and what happens there doesn’t matter. We have to do our job and win our gameadded Pep Guardiola.

Manchester City were still eight points behind Arsenal a month ago but can now covet the title at the Gunners thanks to an eleven game winning streak.

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