“Our public finances are among the most degraded in Europe, this weakens us”

“Our public finances are among the most degraded in Europe, this weakens us”

“In France, we have a sort of national preference for spending, without sufficient reflection on its quality,” laments Pierre Moscovici. Francois BOUCHON/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – As the Court of Auditors publishes its annual report this Friday, its president is sounding the alarm on deficits.

The Court of Auditors publishes this Friday morning its annual report. In this document of several hundred pages, she returns in particular to the extremely degraded situation of the country’s public finances.

Its first president, Pierre Moscovici, in an interview with Figaroassures him: France cannot continue on this path, which distinguishes it from its European partners.

Le Figaro. – The Court of Auditors takes stock of the deterioration of French public finances. A situation that worries you?

Pierre MOSCOVICI. – Unquestionably, the situation of our public finances is one of the worst in the European Union. This concerns us. The government has chosen to implement major measures from 2020 to support households and businesses in the face of the effects of the health crisis, then extended by stimulus spending from autumn 2020.

The Court approved them. The weight of these measures has gradually decreased, but…

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