Our review of Anatomy of a Fall: Autopsy of a Couple

By Etienne Sorin



Sandra Hüller portrays a successful writer, accused of the murder of her companion. Les Films Pelléas/Les Films de Pierre

IN COMPETITION In the running for a second time for the palme d’or, the French director Justine Triet still dissects life together after Victoria And Sibyl and delivers a trial film reminiscent of Bergman and Preminger. Masterful.

Sandra Hüller had been left as the model wife of the commander of Auschwitz-Birkenau in The Zone of Interest, Jonathan Glazer’s lab experiment. The German actress, revealed at Cannes in 2016 in Toni Erdmanis already back in the competition with Anatomy of a fallfrom the French Justine Triet.

This time, she plays Sandra, a successful writer living in an isolated chalet in the mountains with her companion, Samuel, their 11-year-old son, Daniel, visually impaired since a road accident, and their dog. The dog has an important role in this story which really begins when Samuel is found dead at the foot of the house, his skull exploding after falling from the balcony. Or from the window. The absence of witnesses sows doubt. Sandra was the only one present at the time. Suicide or homicide? A suspicious death investigation has been opened. A year later, Sandra finds herself in the dock, and her son attends the hearing.

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