Our review of Jeanne du Barry: the big leagues

By Eric Neuhoff



Johnny Depp and Maïwenn, respectively Louis XV and the Comtesse du Barry, in
Jeanne du Barry. Stéphanie Branchu/Why Not Productions/Le Pacte

CRITICAL – Maïwenn’s film fulfills hopes. Its main virtue is not to smell dust. Life circulates. Here we are.

Under our eyes, Versailles. It’s a box. It’s a jail. It took him a long time to get there. Jeanne Vaubernier, this name means nothing to anyone. It is also pronounced Comtesse du Barry. There, the mines light up. A voiceover explains where the character is from. This was perhaps necessary, as the public had not memorized its Mallet-Isaac and had a tendency to immediately imagine luxury preserves. History continues to amaze everyone. It’s not Maiwenn who will claim the opposite, she who has been thinking about this biopic for seventeen years. The wait was worth it.

Jeanne du Barry is a complete show. We will therefore follow from A to Z the trajectory of this feminist before the letter. Here is a prancing young lady, with a whole character. She comes from the stream. His origins stick to his skin. She will do everything to make sure they are forgotten. Its charms are undeniable. All the more reason to use them. In specialized houses, regulars call it…

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