Our review of Last Dance! : praise of old age

By Ariane Bavelier

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François Berléand (here, alongside Astrid Whettnall) plays in Last Dance! an unworthy old gentleman with the grace of an adolescent. Yuri Pires Tavares/Box Productions/Epicentre Films

REVIEW – In this tender and funny comedy, François Berléand plays a newly widowed man who confronts underground contemporary dance.

Some couples don’t know how to age: Germain and Lise escape this sad category. Age seems not to affect them, they feel alive, indifferent to those around them who show an excess of solicitude: “What’s going on in our children’s heads? At what point did we become bedridden old people for them?”, they ask themselves, railing against the stair lift that their son had installed and which they bump into every time they p by it. The pleasure they take in devoting themselves to their activities protects them from the boredom of old age and the anxiety that accompanies it. Him (François Berléand) bed lying in bed In Search of Lost Time with relish. She signed up for a contemporary dance creation with La Ribot – who plays herself and choreographs the dance sequences in the film. The Catalan choreographer, figure of the underground, writes her new show half with amateurs and half with professionals. When…

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