“Pamela Rose” on Canal +: and now, the series

After two films and an audio creation, here is the series! “Pamela Rose” is making a comeback on Canal +. The cult duo of Richard Bullit and Douglas Riper, stupid FBI agents played by Kad Merad And Olivier Barouxreturns for new adventures in the land of Uncle Sam. No change in the recipe: we are still in pure parody and totally offbeat humor.

This time, the two American investigators are responsible for finding who is behind the murders of two YouTubers with several million views. Jimmy Bolt made his money thanks to his drugged DIY videos, Bricofondédé. The other, Ken Klint, counts by reciting the numbers to infinity, and by filming himself. Disturbing detail: the killer takes care to cut off and take away the thumbs of his victims. It’s a case for Bullit and Riper, who win (by flipping a coin) the investigation under the nose of the young and ambitious Jessica Carson, determined to line them up at the slightest misstep.

But the two colleagues also have to manage their busy private lives. Bullit prepares his marriage to Rita (Mélanie Doutey), and meets his future father-in-law, a Mexican drug trafficker who poses as an import-export representative for sombreros. Riper finds love in the arms of Clara (great Ophelia Kolb), who is none other than the daughter of a suspect that he and Bullit accidentally killed. Don’t you understand the plot? It’s not so bad. It is only secondary. The goal here is to have fun.

We find here all the ingredients that made “But who killed Pamela Rose?” »the subject of two feature films released in theaters in 2003 and 2012, then a third, audio only, broadcast on Canal + in 2020. The two investigators were born on the airwaves of Oüi FM before appearing on the big screen at the search for Pamela Rose’s killer.

A shared fascination with American detective series, all about big cars and screaming sirens, had brought the two actors together. “We have the impression that there, everything is bigger, more important,” he told us. Kad Merad in December 2020. This film ? it is our best memory, our common thread. »

In writing, the spirit is self-deprecating

The crazy humor hits the mark. We frankly laugh at this accumulation of valves, sometimes cumbersome but often effective. In writing, the spirit is self-deprecating. “In the previous episode of Pamela Rose… Oh well no, I’m stupid, it’s the first! » starts a voice-over. The milestones have been laid, always by diverting the codes of the detective series made in the United States. Some lines are hilarious. “Love is like rhododendrons, it grows back,” Ripper tells his sweetheart.

Through the two main characters, the creators also make fun of the flaws of our time. “Youtubers”, as Bullit calls them, and their millions of views for stupid concepts. Video meetings on a computer while participants are in the same room. Bullit types on a computer keyboard with one finger and thinks a WhatsApp group is musical training.

The complicity of two main actors does not seem to have aged one bit. The casting has some nice surprises in store. Like Isabelle Nanty as the irresistibly cheeky President of the United States, or Jonathan Cohen as the Pope, who resells works of art from the Vatican on an online flea market site. Pure entertainment that feels good. “What’s happening to us Bullit?” » worries Riper as the power duo is picked up by a police car at the end of the ninth episode. “Maybe a season 2? » replies Bullit. To the wise.

Editor’s note:

Pamela Rose: the series “, new French series by Julien Rappeneau, Martin Darondeau, Olivier Baroux and Kad Merad, with Olivier Baroux, Kad Merad, Shirine Boutella, Ophélia Kolb… Episodes 1 and 2/9, 2 x 30 min. This Monday on Canal + and MyCanal.

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