Pamfilova announced attempts to influence the elections in Russia

The Central Election Commission of Russia is already observing attempts to influence the elections in the country. This was stated by CEC Chair Ella Pamfilova during a report on the readiness of the electoral system for a single voting day. The broadcast was on the website of the CEC of Russia.

“Attempts to influence the elections are already being actively made,” she said.

Pamfilova noted that the “intensity of information pressure” has increased in social networks since the start of preparations for the elections. According to her, messages are published from foreign IP addresses. She added that the flow of negative posts does not drop below 100 posts per day.

Pamfilova said that this “artificially created information muddy wave” is aimed at discrediting the elections in Russia. According to her, any decision of the CEC is criticized. “They think of something to catch on to,” the head of the CEC noted.

A single voting day is scheduled for September 10 in Russia. Elections from September 8 to 10 will also be held in new regions – the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Early voting for residents of subjects located in other regions ended on September 4. As a result, the CEC did not receive a single complaint from participants, observers, or members of election commissions.

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