Panettone with palm oil, gingerbread without honey… Foodwatch reveals its new Christmas scams

Christmas, its foie gras, its turkeys, its logs, its enchanted rays. His scams, too. Since 2017, every year before the holidays, the Foodwatch ociation points out these articles which, under bling-bling New Year’s Eve marketing, mislead consumers. “The 2003 vintage reveals its share of shocking practices, signed Bjorg, Brossard, Ciro, Ferrero, Guyader or Labeyrie,” adds Audrey Morice, campaign manager for the consumer defense NGO.

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A supposedly organic lemon juice is thus highlighted, sold for 8 euros per liter, but composed of 70%… water – real organic items contain 100% lemon juice. A “Flavors of Italy” panettone, presented as a “traditional Italian pastry”, displays for its part 12% palm oila heresy not only environmental, but also with regard to this recipe historically made with butter.

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