Panvel prioritizes investing in the opening of new pharmacies in RS

The Panvel Group closed the first nine months of the year with a total of R$74.2 million in investments in Rio Grande do Sul. After opening at the beginning of the year, the expansion of its Distribution Center (DC) in Eldorado do Sul, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, the company’s main attention in the State was focused on opening new stores and adapting current ones. The amounts represent just under half of what was invested by the Panvel Group in 2022.

In total, 18 new Panvel pharmacies were opened in the State in the first three quarters of the year. They represent 48.6% of the 37 stores opened this year between operations in the South and Southeast of the country. By the end of the year, however, another 23 stores are expected to open, equaling the mark of 60 new establishments that has been repeated in last two years.

Investments in new facilities required R$40.4 million between January and September in Rio Grande do Sul, and renovations of some units required another R$3.06 million, according to the company’s press office. At the same time, the company has also invested resources in modernizing its technology systems. R$20.1 million were invested in projects in this area in 2023.

The result is the consolidation of a new consumer profile. “We have the highest number of digitized customers in our history, reaching 11.3%. A number that is accompanied by upgrades in our services”, stated the CEO of the Panvel Group, Júlio Mottin Neto, when evaluating the company’s results in the third quarter, a few days ago.

Today, more than 70% of stores are engaged in so-called social commerce. With the advantage provided by the important investment in logistics completed at the beginning of this year, with the inauguration of the expansion of the group’s Distribution Center. Of the total R$27 million invested in this project, R$8.3 million was spent this year, with the completion of the CD.

Now, it was possible to launch in Porto Alegre, to be replicated in other capitals, the Turbo Delivery model, which guarantees the product purchased online at the customer’s home within 30 minutes.

Investment: R$74.2 million
Stage: Running
Company: Panvel Group
Cities: Various
Area: Retail/Services

Investments made in 2022: R$157 million

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