Parcoursup 2023: the types of training most requested by candidates

The phase of wishes and confirmation ended at the beginning of April. High school students and students in reorientation had to confirm at least one wish to ensure a return to higher education next September. They are 917,000 to have done so, “a decrease compared to last year (- 2%)”, specifies the Ministry in a press release: 629,000 high school students, 163,000 students in first year who reorient themselves, 87 000 candidates with a plan to resume studies and finally 34,500 candidates who follow non-French education abroad.

Redirections are down 12.1% this year according to ministry data. In total, the candidates confirmed nearly 11.8 million wishes and sub-wishes, an increase of 2% compared to the previous year, “mainly by high school students”.

The Super Star License of Candidates’ Wishes

Like every year, the university with the licenses represents the bulk of the training requests by the students. Here is the table showing the sectors (types of training) most in demand in 2023.

70% of candidates made at least one license wish. Of these, 16% have only selected degrees, 26% have also selected a second course of training.

13.5 wishes on average per candidate

In France, 96.1% of high school students have made at least one wish. Seniors confirmed an average of 13.5 wishes, slightly more than in 2022. (the limit of 10 wishes does not take into account those in alternation). “This increase has little effect on the average structure of wish lists, but leads to more diversity in the formations chosen”. Finally, apprenticeship training, for which the submission of wishes is open until September 12, are more numerous than the previous year: 8,900 in 2023, and 210,000 candidates who have already confirmed more than 1.1 million wishes. .

3 new features to speed up the admissions procedure

Next step, the eligibility phase which starts on June 1: from this date, each candidate will receive answers for the training he has requested. To speed up response times as much as possible and ensure that candidates know their final registration for next year as soon as possible, three new features have been introduced this year:

  • Between June 30 and July 3, during theadditional admissionit will be necessary rank your wishes in order of preference.
  • The admission phase will end on July 7 and not July 13 as previously announced in the Parcoursup official calendar.
  • The deadlines for responding to proposals will be shortened by taking into account the statistics of previous years: instead of leaving 3 to 5 days for reflection, you will only have a few days (not specified by the ministry at this stage)

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