Parcoursup cover letter: 4 tips for writing your motivated training project

On Parcoursup, every wish must be completed by a short motivated training project, a text of 1500 characters maximum for the attention of those responsible for the training you are targeting. You will therefore have to write as many motivated projects as you have registered wishes or sub-wishes. That’s up to 20 different motivated projects… A task that can seem particularly demotivating since in certain highly requested training courses these letters are not read, for lack of sufficient time for the teams responsible for selecting the files. But since it is systematically required, you cannot escape it.

1 – List your motivations

The objective of the motivated project is to demonstrate that you have fully understood the objectives and professional opportunities of the training you are aiming for, and that this is why you wish to integrate it. Start by consulting the program and the specificities of the diploma for which you are submitting your wishes and list on a sheet all the characteristics that make this training appeal to you or attract you: such disciplines, such mode of study, short or long training, such Career opportunities.

Many establishments point out in their “2022 application analysis report”, which appears on each training sheet, that too many candidates are unaware of the areas covered by the diploma in question, the contents studied and the potential professional opportunities. Distinguish yourself by being able to precisely list the characteristics that interest you and no one else in each training.

2 – Follow the “Advice to candidates”

Don’t stop there! Continue your collection of information by reading the “Advice to candidates” which appear in the section “Understanding the criteria for analyzing applications” of each training sheet on the Parcoursup site. The advice is different from one training to another and specific to each establishment, from the list of qualities expected in such STS or such preparation to the advice to follow if you have an average file. For example, “do not beg for a place but explain frankly the reason for these difficulties”.

This section is a mine of information to identify the points that matter for each training, and the arguments that will hit the mark in your motivated project – to list on the draft sheet that you started to fill in step 1.

So much valuable information that you won’t find anywhere else, except to do all the open doors of all the formations you are aiming for – which is materially impossible for most of you. Conversely, if you participated in the open house of the establishment of your dreams, do not forget to say so in your letter!

3 – Put some traits of your personality

At this penultimate stage, your family and friends can help you identify your main qualities and the activities that allow you to cultivate them. No need to have traveled around the world three times or to be a French chess champion to give relief and personality to your motivated training project.

A passion, a hobby, a 3rd year internship, a summer job, more or less directly related to the targeted training is an argument in your favor to include in your motivated project. The goal? Demonstrate your motivation and/or your knowledge, even partial, of the professional sector in which you wish to evolve next.

Stay focused on one or two experiences, you can detail all your extracurricular activities without distinction in the “Commitments, activities, and centers of interest” section of your file. Do not neglect this part because it is a good complement to the motivated training project, and it allows whoever will read you to better understand your personality.

4 – Write quietly

If you have followed the three steps above, you now have a motivated project draft in hand, which brings together your motivations for each training course, your professional project, the reasons why this or that establishment attracts you, and the small details that make you the ideal candidate. You can start writing your cover letter. Be careful, especially not directly on the platform to avoid losing everything in case of disconnection!

Opt for a simple and direct style, and a simple plan, starting by listing the elements of the training that interest you the most, then the characteristics of your background and/or your personality that “stick” to the expectations of the establishment , identified in the “Advice to candidates”. Let it rest for a day or two, proofread it, and have it proofread to eliminate any spelling mistakes, particularly prohibitive ones, before copying and pasting your letter into the space dedicated to the motivated project. It’s over !

All that remains is to start the whole method again from step 1 for the next wish…

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