Paris 2024: hotel prices during the Olympics drop slightly

The bill is always steep. And the quest to find a hotel room at an attractive rate during the Paris Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11) almost impossible. According to the surveys we carried out with twelve randomly selected establishments in Île-de-France and in the host cities, the prices of double rooms with breakfast increased on average by 4.3 between August 2023 and next August. This summer, during our first price observatory, the increase was even more impressive, with offers multiplied by 6.6 on average.

“Prices will stabilize and rationalize,” ures Frank Delvau, president of Umih (Union of Hospitality Trades) Île-de-France. When you’re on an X 3 or X 4, it’s a good average. During the Rugby World Cup, the price increase was of this order. »

Prices could fall further in the coming months

In our survey, in fact, most hotels have already lowered the cost of the night. If two establishments are now full and two others offer prices similar to our first survey, six hotels have significantly reduced their prices. Example with a 4-star Lyon hotel which offered a double room in August for 972 euros during the Olympics period compared to 309 euros currently.

“Usually, as a matter of principle, we set high prices one year in advance,” explains Guillaume Verchere, the general manager. We finalized our 2024 budget as well as our sales and revenue strategies a few days ago. A similar reduction was applied to other dates outside the Olympic period. This is solely due to yield management (governing supply and demand). »

According to professionals, the prices offered should drop further slightly in the coming months. “Most of the rooms are not yet on the market and will be on the market only from January,” explains Frank Delvau. Afterwards, many hoteliers wait until they have a clearer picture of occupancy before setting their prices. We have only just learned the traffic plan, transport prices will take off, there will be no planes on the day of the opening ceremony: it is not certain that a tidal wave will invade Paris this summer! »

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