Paris: a hundred demonstrators gathered in support of the Vertbaudet strikers

A new rally before new negotiations on Friday. A hundred demonstrators, including Vertbaudet strikersgathered at the end of the morning at the call of the CGT in front of the headquarters of Equistone, majority shareholder of the textile company in Paris, to demand wage increases.

Among the demonstrators, whose number was counted by an AFP journalist, the secretary general of the CGTSophie Binet, called for “turning a corner” in this mobilization, if no agreement is reached by Friday between management and employees after two months of mobilization within the children’s textile company.

“The 600,000 CGT union members will take action to support the Vertbaudet strikers,” said the union leader to journalists present on site, after being one of the signatories of a forum in support of employees in the newspaper The world Tuesday.

An increase of 150 euros net

The striking employees are demanding, among other demands, a salary increase of 150 euros net per month, which the management refuses to grant.

“Until we have decided, we are not going to end the strike, it is solidarity that keeps us going,” explained Manon Ovion, one of the strikers traveling to Paris today, among a group of about ten employees, widely applauded, upon their arrival from the picket line in Marquette-lez-Lille (North) where the factory of the childcare brand is located.

“The management must offer us something concrete, so far what we have been offered is to work more to earn more” added Manon Ovion, CGT delegate for Vertbaudet. Amar Lagha, secretary general of the CGT trade and services explained “that a punch action” would take place during the week without giving more details.

The Lille prosecutor’s office announced last week the opening of an investigation after violence reported by a CGT delegate from the brand in Marquette-lez-Lille and after denunciations of violence from the CGT and the PCF.

According to the local union of the CGT, one of the two delegates of the site had been ” copiously ged, beaten ” by people presenting themselves as ” plainclothes police officers ” who came to arrest him in front of his home shouting ” dirty striker “.

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