Paris Paradis Festival: Manu Payet, the perfect antidote to the back-to-school gloom

And the funniest show of the year is… Well, it’s true, it’s not yet time to take stock, but among the one-man shows created in 2023, the one that has us, for hour, brings out the most tears of laughter, it is undeniably “Emmanuel 2”, signed Manu Payet.

Want to check it out for yourself? Head to Paris Paradis, the festival of Parisian music and humor favorites, which takes place from September 8 to 10 at La Villette (Paris 19th century), with, on the program, dozens of concerts, two full shows (Thomas Ngijol this Friday, Manu Payet the next day) and five sets bringing together the cream of humor (Mathieu Madenian, Waly DiaVérino, Élodie Poux, Laurie Peret, Paul de Saint Sernin…).

Appointed to last Molières, Manu Payet will come to play the only Parisian date of his return, under the majestic marquee of Cabaret Sauvage. Good news: there are still a few places left to see the actor tell with tenderness and spice the tribulations of a young 47-year-old father. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this burst of good humor before starting the new school year…

What does this notion of going back to school mean to you?

MANU PAYET. This year, for me, it is particularly strong. Since I became a dad (from a girl now aged 6), the notion of going back to school, I’m having a hard time with it, especially since she’s just started CP. It was a big emotion on Monday. Afterwards, I went to buy a roll of transparent paper to cover the notebook… The thing that puts you back in stress! (Laughs.) I felt like I was the one making my comeback. What drives me crazy is that I would really like to see what’s going on in cl, to see where she’s sitting…

The birth of your daughter is one of the main threads of the show. Did she see him?

She’s seen little bits of it, she sometimes talks to me about certain parts of the show, it’s very cute. The other day, she said something to me that broke my heart a little: “I don’t want you to go and make jokes for others, tonight, I want you to stay and make jokes for Me… “

Our festival is called Paris Paradis. Two words that you still manage to ociate?

That’s a good question! (It takes a long time to think.) Yes, yes, the more I advance in life, the more I realize that I still love Paris. I realize it when… I leave. (Laughs.) I’m never happy to come back from vacation, but I’m always happy to land in Paris. Thank God we still have great times here. I like being there, I like the smells, I like discovering wonderful places like the Théâtre de la Madeleine where I played in June and where I will return next year for a month-long residency.

Another legendary place looms on December 9: Olympia.

It was an opportunity: today, to do the Olympia, you either book three years in advance, or you benefit from a date that becomes available. My producer told me that an Olympia had become available. We created the show on January 19 at the Théâtre de l’Œuvre, it was a great opportunity to celebrate this year. And it’s already complete, I’m so happy.

A nomination for the Molières, a critical and public success… “Emmanuel 2” was born under good auspices.

Yes, we really had a great year! I started again this week in Auray (Morbihan) and despite all that, there is always an irrational fear when you start again, you say to yourself: “Imagine, it’s no longer fun. » (Laughs.) And finally, you are carried by the public…

Saturday will be your only Parisian date for the start of the school year…

Yes. There, I am writing a romantic comedy script, ten years after my last film production (“Loving situation: It’s complicated”). Afterwards there is the Olympia in December, a big tour next year and a recording of the show in October or November 2024.

“Emmanuel 2”, show by Manu Payet this Saturday at 7 p.m. as part of the Paris Paradis festival, at Cabaret Sauvage (Paris 19th). Price: from 21.30 to 30 euros. Reservations on

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