Paris: the prefecture prohibits several far-right rallies planned for this weekend

The police headquarters on Friday banned several far-right marches and rallies scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Paris. Several organizations, such as the royalist group Action Française, planned demonstrations in tribute to Joan of Arc.

In detail, the ociation “Place d’armes” also organized a march on Saturday against “the downgrading of France” and the far-right movement “Les Nationalistes” planned a rally in front of the statue of Joan of Arc on Sunday.

This weekend three far-right demonstrations are planned. We will find there Nazis, Petainists, anti-Semites, nostalgics of Franco, Renaud Camus the follower of the great replacement, militant soldiers. @GDarmanin are you going to let it happen or react?

— Thomas Doors (@Doors_Thomas) May 11, 2023

For his part, the French Action movement organized a symposium on Saturday as well as a demonstration the next day, again, in homage to Joan of Arc. The prefecture justifies this ban in a press release, indicating that it wants to “prevent the risk of disturbances to public order, calls for violence against groups of people, as well as the risk of slogans or remarks likely to jeopardize the cohesion national or the principles enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (…)”.

The holding of an ultra-right rally last Saturday in Paris in tribute to the activist Sébastien Deyzieu had shocked part of the political cl. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin had asked the prefects “to take the necessary measures without delay to prevent such gatherings and demonstrations from happening again”.

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