Parisian thriller in the footsteps of David Fincher on 13th Street

This small-scale French series, about a serial killer engaged in a game hunt on social networks, has all the makings of a great one. Followa thriller not to be missed this Sunday, November 26 at 9 p.m. on 13e Rue.

The beautiful autumn of French series continues. After Sambre, Of money and blood Or Everything is finehere is Follow, a thriller with much less substantial means but with insolent control and suspense. This game of cat and mouse between a serial killer and a trainee at the police headquarters won the prize for best series in September. La Rochelle Festival.
Produced with crazy budget and filming time constraints, these six episodes confirm that the creations of the thriller channel 13ème Rue outperform their category. The investigator’s name is Lena. The young woman manages the social networks of the Paris prefecture. In the message box of the administration’s Instagram account, she discovers missives from the murderer who attacks influencers and who is being hunted by the capital’s police services. A game of treasure and provocations sets up between her and the in.

Decipher the clues

Will she be able to decipher the clues before the trap closes on her and the grip becomes too strong? “ Her position is all the more precarious as the investigators have little appreciation for the out-of-frame initiatives of this go-getter who prefers adrenaline to the survival instinct. », deciphers her interpreter Marie Colomb, discovered in the sublime and trying Laëtitia by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. And to add: “Léna is a fairly closed girl who gives off an impression of fragility even though she has built an armor for herself. Lost in the life that damaged her, the irruption of danger introduces the excitement she lacked. She takes reckless risks to discover her limits and deactivates all the warning signals that reach her. »

Twilight atmosphere

Behind the camera, Louis Farge imagines a Paris with low winter skies, a swollen Seine and gray buildings. The director cites David Fincher, Scandinavian series andThesilenceofthelambs as the matrix of its cold and twilight atmosphere where contrasts are reduced to the strict minimum. Not an episode without a sequence in the metro and its tunnels, a metaphor for social networks. Appreciating the tense specifications of 13ème Rue for whom he had signed the culinary thriller Internal Kitchen, Louis Farge changes scale for his next project Trash. The series tells the story of the creation of the show Loft Story and the birth of reality TV in France for Amazon Prime. Marie Colomb is also there, completely transformed in the guise of… Loana.

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