Parliamentary Front will ask the government of Rio Grande do Sul for a feasibility study for the construction of a port in Rio Pardo

By Parliamentary Front for the Development of Nautical, Port and Waterway Activitieswill be delivered in the coming days to Governor Eduardo Leite the request to carry out a technical, economic and environmental feasibility study for the implementation of a port in Rio Pardo. The municipality is bathed by the Jacuí river, suitable for river transport of cargo.

The first meeting of the Parliamentary Front, proposed by the state deputies Capitão Martim (Republicans) and Edivilson Brum (MDB), was held precisely in Rio Pardo, on Thursday (31), with the participation of politicians and entrepreneurs from the private sector. Captain Martim argues that the city is located in a strategic position, with the potential to be an intermodal point to stimulate the development of the region and the State. “Rio Pardo can attract production from the north of Rio Grande do Sul, from the Central part, and may have this connection between railroad, road and waterway modal”, points out the parliamentarian.

Captain Martim recalls that, from the location, the cargo can be drained by the Jacuí river to Lagoa dos Patos and later arrive at the port of Rio Grande, being able to go for export or cabotage to other parts of Brazil. Among the items that can be disposed of by a future terminal in Rio Pardo, the deputy mentions tobacco, grains and other products linked to the agribusiness segment.

The parliamentarian points out that the Rio Grande do Sul waterway network (almost 800 kilometers long) is the second largest in the country, behind only the state of Amazonas. He points out that the use of waterways is a correct environmental solution and safer by allowing the removal of several trucks transporting cargo by road from the roads.

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