Pascale de La Tour du Pin responds to the criticism of the France Inter editorial

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VIDEO – The French radio station did not make a friend this Thursday, November 16, and that was not its goal. Cyril Lacarrière devoted his morning media editorial to Cyril Hanouna’s new recruit, something she obviously did not appreciate.

“She was one of the surprises of the transfer window.” France Inter devoted its media editorial this Thursday, November 16 to the new recruit of Cyril Hanouna : Pascale de La Tour du Pin . The journalist left the 24-hour news channel this summer – where she successively hosted the morning show then the midday slot – for the benefit of C8. Since the start of the school year, she has been working every weekday solo in “PAF”, the first part of “Touche pas à mon poste”, then as a columnist alongside Baba.

And this change of creamery seems to puzzle public radio journalists. “The mystery continues to thicken”threw Cyril Lacarriere at the microphone of France Inter. “In two and a half months, we still haven’t understood what Pascale de La Tour du Pin came to do on C8”he said before ridiculing the various changes encountered by the show. “The first weeks, she presented “PAF” in a corridor located just behind the stage of “Do not touch My TV”», he detailed. Since then, the set has changed and the show takes place in the same place as its big sister hosted by Cyril Hanouna.

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“More Hanounesque than journalistic”

“Pascale de La Tour du Pin is in tune with this atmosphere, more Hanouneesque than journalistic, but this facelift does not cause a surge in the audience”, frankly attacked Cyril Lacarrière, mentioning the 200,000 average viewers, or 100,000 less than last year at the same time. The columnist then pointed out the substance of the program which he judges to be very far from “the investigation into the media promised by Hanouna” but more “a little consumer, a little celebrity and a little catch-all”. Themes that are the opposite of the journalist’s world according to Cyril Lacarrière.

He continued his editorial around the PAF troublemaker. “Hanouna surrounds himself with pawns that he uses according to his own interests […] He had every interest in bringing in a personality like Pascale de La Tour du Pin, she had no interest in accepting. Strange error of judgment, he concluded. And obviously, the person concerned listened to France Inter this morning. From the first minutes of her daily broadcast, the journalist wanted to send a message to “our friends from France Inter who were kind enough to devote me this morning – I don’t know who is interested – to their media editorial”.

“I am very well thank you. The “PAF” show is doing well, I work with great teams and I’m very happy to be here. To the wise”, she retorted. Far from wishing to argue any longer on the subject – Hanouna already has a lot to do in “Touche pas à mon poste” – the journalist bounced back by adding: “we broke an audience record, second of the season, so congratulations to you and thank you for following us”. The response ends, not without a certain bitterness. “There it is, it’s said. No, but there it is, it’s said”she convinced herself.

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