Passengers fined 290 euros because of the lack of ergonomics of the SNCF Connect application

Some travelers failed to change the name on their tickets and were fined for identity theft.

The lack of ergonomics of the SNCF Connect application, regularly singled out, can be expensive. Some SNCF passengers, who failed to make the necessary changes to their ticket, were fined 290 euros. This is the case of Fabienne, reported by our colleagues from RMC. Last May, this mother wanted to buy a Rennes-Paris train ticket for her student daughter. She then goes to the website of the railway company, chooses a ticket for 79 euros but it is impossible for her to enter the (different) name of her daughter. Fabienne is panicked when she sees that there are only four seats left and buys the ticket in her name. Before traveling, customer service points out to her that she can cancel the reservation and take back a ticket with her daughter's name. "A solution she did not realize“, completes the SNCF.

During the trip, his daughter is checked and receives a fine of 290 euros for identity theft. The SNCF agent told him that other passengers were in a similar situation and that they could file a complaint. On September 7, the SNCF offers a commercial gesture of 50 euros and gives Fabienne one month to pay the remaining 240 euros. "What is very hard is to hear that one is a bad citizen, that one has acted badly. On their site, it basically says that the name on the reservation must be the name of the traveler. Ok, but how do we put the name of the traveler?“, asks Fabienne to RMC.

Precisely, changing the name of a traveler is far from intuitive. On the SNCF Connect platform, click on the saved profile, delete it and add a new one. But this manipulation is not known to all travelers. This is what Jean Lenoir, vice-president of the National Federation of Transport User Associations (FNAUT) denounces: “We need an application like a site that works perfectly and simplifies the life of the traveler. When we changed the functionalities, there are a number of them that we did not understand and that must be modified to achieve much more simplicity.For its part, the SNCF specified that it will not make any additional gesture but that it undertakes to work on the ergonomics of its application.

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