Patrick Bruel met the families of Hamas hostages

By Mathilde Barat

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Patrick Bruel had already reacted on Instagram to the Hamas offensive of October 7 which left nearly 1,400 dead on the Israeli side and had mentioned “to be horrified by these images of terror and blind hatred“. ROBYN BECK / AFP

The artist shared on his Instagram account on November 2 the exchanges he had with the relatives of civilians held in Gaza by the terrorist group since October 7.

I didn’t have the words“. Patrick Bruel shared on November 2 on his Instagram account the story of his meeting with some families from 240 hostages detained in Gaza by Hamas since October 7.

I tried to save my tears for later, after theirs, after their smiles, after a few notes, after a deep and nuanced discussion with magnificent people, people of peace“, he wrote. The hostages and their families were “always worked for dialogue, rapprochement and aid with their Palestinian neighbors», Also reported the artist. “Even after the macres perpetrated by Hamas on October 7: the atrocities, the kidnappings, the destruction of an entire life and despite their immense pain and their unbearable wait, they know that a child who falls is a child who falls and that a crying mother, whether from anywhere, of any faith, is a crying mother“, he continued.

Patrick Bruel also mentioned that the Hamas attack against Israel “could have happened in any country” and the terrorist act of October 7 is similar to “that of Bataclan, Charlie, Westminster, Brussels, Toulouse, Mumbai, or September 11“. Of Jewish faith, the songwriter had already reacted almost a month ago to the offensive of the armed group which left 1,400 dead on the Israeli side. Patrick Bruel notably reported “to be horrified by these images of terror and blind hatred» and had sent his support to the “Israeli civilians facing terrorist violence“.

Rise of anti-Semitism in France

Patrick Bruel also spoke with the families of the Hamas hostages about a “uninhibited anti-Semitism which is only one of the symptoms of rising xenophobia, hatred of differences and a threat to republics and democracies around the world“. The artist also said “that it was necessary to uncorrelate this act from the political situation“.

For almost a month, 1040 anti-Semitic acts have been recorded in France, reports Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. 486 people were arrested for these reasons.

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