Paul de Saint Sernin teases Clara Morgane in “What a time!”

The actress was very interested in Cardinal Bustillo, which did not fail to make the comedian from the France 2 talk show laugh.

The guests were eclectic and the atmosphere was rather jovial this Saturday, October 28 in “What a time!” . Nagui, Bruno Solo, Benjamin Lavernhe, François-Xavier Ménage but also Clara Morgane and Cardinal Bustillo. Sitting next to each other, they stood alongside Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne who host the talk show France 2.

Cardinal Castillo, co-author of the book The heart does not divide (Fayard) was invited by the presenter for his news. On September 30, François-Xavier Bustillo, who served for a long time as bishop of Ajaccio, was created Cardinal by Pope Francis. A recognition whose contours he explained. The man of the Church also shared his philosophy. “The purpose of life is to love,” he explained. Afterwards, this can happen through a religion, a tradition or other channels. »

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Words that charmed Clara Morgane, her neighbor on the set, who came to present her cabaret show “Au 7ème” and her album. ” It’s so beautiful ! I’m so happy to hear that because it seems sectarian and for some people completely impossible to understand you, it’s quite closed all these institutions and hearing you talk about love again simply, that’s what brings us all together. Having faith, we all have it, we believe in God but perhaps in a spiritual concept around love. And, I like to hear you talk about love because that’s the only thing that matters”, she enthused. An enthusiasm cooled by a well-felt joke from Paul de Saint-Sernin, the “sniper” of the program. “Forget it, he took a vow of chastity!” » he said, making everyone in attendance laugh, including Clara Morgane. “It’s the best joke of the whole evening, thank you very much!”she reacted.

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“I have just spent ten days in a monastery”

Clara Morgane

A little later in the evening, while the Cardinal continues to explain his way of practicing his profession, Léa Salamé notices Clara Morgane’s very attentive attitude: “Clara is pionate…”, says the presenter. To which the actress responds: “Yes, I just spent ten days in a monastery.” To the astonishment of the guests, she explained her experience: “I did a retreat which was filmed. I left in a fairly light, demanding spirit. Clara Morgane in a convent was fun and in reality I met people, priests, I met a sister that I love deeply and I met humans. […] I have the impression that you have really progressed compared to the time when s were sent for treatment…”

She then returned to her life and her childhood, explaining in particular that her parents were strict and that she had Spanish origins. Which is also the case for the Cardinal. “We have a lot in common…”she said with a smile before explaining her link with the Catholic religion. “I was raised by the Dominicans so I know the religion well. It’s something important in my journey because I grew up with the sisters, everything was forbidden. I think that prohibitions and frustrations lead to extremes, and that’s a bit of what we’re experiencing with our society at the moment.”

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