Paul Mirabel, humor in slow motion on Canal +

Canal+ is broadcasting “Zèbre”, the first solo performance that the Montpellier native has performed in France for more than two years. Watch this Friday, December 1 at 9:10 p.m. and on MyCanal.

If you are not receptive to the very particular style, between nonchalance and casualness, of Paul Mirabel, prepare yourself for the risk of falling into a deep hour-long nap. Because the 27-year-old stand upper from Hérault has made his phlegm a real trademark. With his calm voice, the imperturbable comedian revealed at the Jamel Comedy Club and the Montreux Comedy Festival soothes you as much as a whispered ASMR session. “I’m not too nervous in life,” he needs to emphasize to the audience at the Théâtre Sébastopol in Lille. “I’ve never gotten angry in my entire life, I don’t even know what I look like when I’m angry. » Even the interview with the show “Hot Ones”, broadcast just after the show by Canal+, where Kyan Khojandi makes him eat formidable spicy sauces, struggles to increase his tension.

The absurdities of everyday life

Long hair, round gles and black outfit, the tall blond counterbalances this hypnotic rhythm by stringing together unexpected jokes at a brisk pace. To better surprise your audience. “I’m very shy, I had to say my first word at 25 “, he quips. On this recording made last March, the Lille public, won over, is as receptive to Paul Mirabel’s words as fans of a Messmer show. He lets himself be carried away by the absurdities of everyday life that he enjoys dismantling: the constraints of the health crisis, the methods of Amazon delivery men, love, seduction, mountain sport, bullfighting…

He laughs at himself

The columnist of “La Bande Original”, Nagui’s show on France Inter, excels when he talks and makes fun of himself, his personality and his career. “It’s not a big deal to be different », concludes Paul Mirabel at the end of this show available for sale on DVD from December 6. “I often get asked this question: “On stage, are you playing a character or is it really you?” I don’t really have the answer, but if it was a character, I wouldn’t have taken him.» The one who drove Gad Elmaleh, Virginie Efira, François Damiens, Laura Felpin, Leïla Bekhti, Jonathan Cohen, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Géraldine Nakache, Pierre Niney behind the closed doors of season 3 of “LOL: who laughs, comes out!” » on Amazon Prime Video calls himself a “stand-up zebra”. Understand “someone strange, bizarre, a little unusual and non-conformist“. A personality that he maintains with some success

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