Paul Newman, from “decorative little idiot” to international star

By Eric Neuhoff

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Paul Newman (1925-2008). Images

CRITICAL – The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Manthe result of many hours of interviews with screenwriter Stewart Stern, delivers a free and disjointed autobiography of Paul Newman.

Hours and hours of maintenance. From 1986 to 1991, Paul Newman confided to screenwriter Stewart Stern. This gives The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man, a free and disjointed autobiography. There we discover a modest man, devoured by doubt, practicing devastating humor. Nothing destined the kid from Cleveland (Ohio) to become an international star. His father ran a sporting goods store. His mother, Christian Scientist, was once a cinema usherette. He was colorblind and hid his blue eyes behind sungles.

In his yearbook from his cl at Kenyon College, his photo bears this caption: “Unmanageable element when the evenings drag on.” Under the flag, he confronts a sailor who calls him a “youpin”: “The only combat I fought during World War II.” A representation of L’Antigone of Anouilh constitutes a revelation for him. At the Actors Studio, his competitors are James Dean and Marlon Brando (we confused them…

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