Paul Pogba admits to taking adrenaline unintentionally.

Testing positive in a doping control on August 20, Pogba told Juventus that he had taken adrenaline without knowing it through food supplements.

The news came on Monday: “Paul Pogba positive in a doping test», after a Serie A match against Udinese on August 20. After all his physical problems, new extra-sporting problems seem to catch up with him. However, according to him, it was an unintentional testosterone intake.

Bad food supplements

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, this positive result is due to a food supplement recommended by an American doctor who is a friend of his. A version which seems to be confirmed since according to ESPN, the French international claimed this Wednesday at Juventus to have ingested adrenaline without knowing it via food supplements. Despite his provisional suspension, many French internationals supported himindicating that they did not believe he could have cheated intentionally.

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