peaceful gathering in Strasbourg; LFI’s tribute to Paris disrupted by counter-protesters

“We must mark the occasion because these anti-Semitic provocations are unbearable,” said a Strasbourg demonstrator

Gaby, 65, climbed on a pillar in front of the national theater in Strasbourg to take a photo of the Place de la République, filled with people. “It’s nice, there are people there: ordinary people, Jews, Muslims, non-Jews, he declares. We must mark the occasion because these anti-Semitic provocations are unbearable. » “Today, I find that we prove that France can be a haven of peace, if we leave politics aside” confides the man in the black yarmulke.

Place de la République, Sacha, 10 years old, came to ask Clémentine Autain a question about the conflict. When she finishes answering him, she explains her coming to the Alsatian capital: “Why Strasbourg? In Paris, the initiators of the march did not create the conditions for national harmony. We do not fight anti-Semitism with notorious anti-Semites. Some parties have a heavy past in their history.”

“The appeal here put a clear distance with the extreme right, in a city where the number of Jewish fellow citizens is significantdeclared the LFI MP. We must respond present, with commitment and empathy. These are our values.”

Around 12:30 p.m., Place de la République begins to empty. Pap Ndiaye, French ambador to the Council of Europe, is still there. “There were at least 5,000 peoplehe estimated. This is important because this is a cause that is intertwined with the Republic. This demonstration is part of my civic life.”

Stéphanie Wenger (Strasbourg, correspondence)

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