Pension reform: “discussions” on a motion of censure common to the opposition

The opposition gathered to block the government and the pension reform? President of the National Rally Jordan Bardella admitted this Sunday that there were “discussions” in the National embly on a possible motion of censure common to the oppositions. A dialogue that should increase if the government chooses to use article 49.3 to p the controversial reform.

“There are discussions today in the National embly. The government has a chance to fall. It is in the interest of all French people, of the French social model, that the oppositions perhaps agree to table a motion of censure which will bring down the government if the choice of 49.3 is made, ”said the president of the National Rally (RN) in the program Questions politiques on France Inter/franceinfo/Le Monde.

“Protesting is a necessity”

“This reform has no guarantee of ping”, because “Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne do not have a majority”, ured Jordan Bardella, whose the party has already tabled motions of censure but which were never voted on by the other opposition groups.

.@J_Bardella : “It may be necessary to agree with all the oppositions to table a motion of censure, perhaps the most consensual possible. There are discussions in the embly. The government has a chance of falling.” #PolQuestions

– France Inter (@franceinter) March 12, 2023

The government can, on its pension reform project, have recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the adoption of the text without a vote but carries the risk of a motion of censure. But this is not the hypothesis favored at this stage by the executive, which is counting on the right to p its text by a vote.

“Demonstrating is a necessity,” said Jordan Bardella again about the mobilization of the unions, which are planning an eighth day of demonstrations on Wednesday. The head of the RN never took to the streets himself but always supported these demonstrations.

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