Pension reform: high school organizations call for blockages

High school organizations such as the FIDL, the MNL and even the Voix Lycéenne want to be heard in the debate on pension reform. They could even open the ball of protests as early as Monday, January 30. They have just called for the blocking of high schools, tuesday 31 january “even the day before, Monday 30, to open the week of mobilization”, they specify in a press release.

According to them after the very strong mobilization » of Thursday, January 19, the high school organizations also call to join the strike and the interprofessional demonstrations of January 31, against the pension reform.

“We call on high school students to organize general assemblies now in their high school or in their city, as well as leafleting and collages around their schools”, continues the high school student inter-union in its unit press release.

For these organizations, the objective is to put “all our efforts into building a balance of power sufficient to obtain the withdrawal of this deadly reform and get out of this liberal logic which places the profits of a handful before our future” .

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