Pension reform: Philippe Martinez calls for “multiplying actions” by January 31

CGT wants to step up the fight against pension reform. Union boss Philippe Martinez spoke to journalists on Wednesday near the National Assembly to call on as many people as possible to “multiply actions” by January 31, the day of the second day of mobilization. against the bill.

“We call for more actions and initiatives throughout the territory, in companies, services and places of study,” he said. Philippe Martinez, since the announcement of the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64, continues to insist on its unfairness. “Our pay-as-you-go pension system is not in danger. A surplus of 900 million was generated in 2021. The COR believes that there is no uncontrolled dynamics in pension spending. »

” Unit “

The leader of the CGT took the opportunity to recall how much the French are opposed to the reform in his opinion. On the strength of a first day of successful mobilization, he calls for “doing better” on January 31. A hope shared by Laurent Berger, the boss of the CFDT, who succeeded him at the microphone. ” January 19 exceeded our expectations and we feel that it started on the same basis for the 31st”, he explained, insisting on this union unity which prevails today, a first in twelve years.

A unity that does not, however, mask some differences in the apprehension of the modes of action. “Does anyone discover that we do not always agree between the CFDT and the CGT? “, he quips, specifying that” the CFDT does not endorse the cuts (considered by the CGT Energies) or the calls for a renewable strike in different sectors”.

If the intersyndicale is concentrating for the moment on the strike of January 31, certain unions, within certain branches, are going there on their own initiatives and have notably announced renewable movements. CGT Petroleum has already called for work to stop on 26 and 27 January.

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