Pension reform: TGV, TER, OUIGO… SNCF forecasts for the March 9 strike

Pension reform: TGV, TER, OUIGO… SNCF forecasts for the March 9 strike

The railway workers’ unions have decided unanimously: all say they are in favor of the principle of the renewable strike, until the government gives up its pension reform project, currently under consideration in the Senate. Traffic will also be further disrupted on Thursday, confirms the SNCF, anticipating “disturbed” traffic for Friday.

The mobilization of the next two days should gradually weaken compared to Tuesday, March 7, a day announced black by the unions. At least that’s the hope formulated on LCI by the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune, which seems to be confirmed with regard to the latest forecasts unveiled by the SNCF for the day on Thursday, and of which here are the details.


It will take 1 train out of 3 on average on the TVG Inoui network. On the North axis, the SNCF anticipates 2 trains out of 5. There will be 1 out of 2 on the East and South East axes, 1 out of 3 on the Atlantic axis. Province-to-province lines will only have 1 train out of 10. There remains the low-cost OUIGO line: 1 TGV out of 3 should set off from the station.


Regional trains will also remain hard hit by the strike on Thursday across the country. Count 2 out of 5 trains on average. “The details of the regional transport plans will be communicated by SNCF Voyageurs in each of the regions”, indicates the SNCF.


Intercités traffic is often heavily impacted during strikes. For Thursday, the SNCF plans 1 train out of 4 on average. Night trains are canceled for the nights of Wednesday to Thursday and Thursday to Friday.


In the Paris region, plan 3 trains out of 4 on average on the RER A sections (the interconnection is maintained at Nanterre Préfecture station) and 1 train out of 2 on that of the RER B (the interconnection is suspended at Paris Nord station ). Expect 2 out of 3 trains on lines H and U, 1 out of 2 trains on lines B, E, J, K, L and P, 1 out of 3 trains on lines C and N and 1 train on 5 on lines D and R. RATP disruptions can be found here.


It will take 3 Eurostar trains out of 4, 2 Thalys out of 3, 1 train out of 3 for connections with Italy, 2 out of 5 for those with Germany, 2 out of 5 for TGV Lyria, with Switzerland and no traffic to and from Spain.

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