Pension reform: the government triggers 49.3 and gives up the vote in the embly

The end of an unbearable suspense. It is barely 10 minutes from the pension reform vote to the National embly that the government has finally chosen to opt for recourse to 49.3. Lacking the urance of an absolute majority, the count was decided by a few votes, the executive preferred to avoid a vote by the deputies.

After two meetings with the tenors of the majority this Thursday morning, Emmanuel Macron ended up convene a last-minute Council of Ministers. The 49.3 option was validated shortly after 2:30 p.m.

The Prime Minister then came to express this choice before the National embly. Welcomed under boos and under the Marseillaise intoned by the La France Insoumise deputies carrying signs “64 years old is no”, Élisabeth Borne officially endorsed this choice.

“The government was pushed into it”

“It is on your reform, the text of the Parliament, the result of a compromise between the two emblies, that I am ready to engage my responsibility”, she ended up announcing after a speech of several minutes where the tenant of Matignon praised the work of the government. “We cannot take the risk of seeing the hours of debate collapse, of seeing the compromise built by the two emblies set aside (…). This reform is necessary,” she added.

As required by the Constitution, the text will be adopted unless a motion of censure is tabled within 24 hours, that is until Friday 3:20 p.m. Marine Le Pen has already announced the filing of a motion of censure by this deadline. “The use of 49.3 is an extreme admission of weakness. (…) We will also vote on all the other mentions submitted by the other groups”, also affirmed the leader of the National Rally. For his part, LR deputy Pierre-Henri Dumont acknowledged, on BFMTV, that several LR deputies could “very probably” vote for these censorship statements.

According to a pillar of the majority, the use of 49.3 was necessary. “We were at the end of the exercise. We have too much uncertainty. We will not take the risk of putting ourselves back in the hands of our political adversaries who had nevertheless committed themselves to the reform, ”indicates the latter to the Parisian.

The government was pushed, also recognizes Éric Woerth, Renaissance deputy, referring to the use of 49.3. LR has largely decided not to vote for this reform. But the worst would have been that this reform did not exist”, he confides to us. 49.3, “it is the application of the democratic rules of our country”, he continued.

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