Pension reform: the turmoil at LR makes the happiness of the RN

Pension reform: the turmoil at LR makes the happiness of the RN

The misfortunes of LR, entangled in its divisions on the bill retreats, make the happiness of the RN who can display the face of a resolute opposition to the text. This Tuesday, March 14, the president of the deputies Les Républicains in the National Assembly Olivier Marleix let it be known in a group meeting that the co-signature by a parliamentarian from the party in favor of a possible motion of censure against the government (in the event of recourse to section 49.3) would be sanctioned.

“If they sign a motion with (the independent group) Liot, they are destined to go and sit with Liot ”, later assumed Olivier Marleix during a press conference, ensuring however that he had not spoken of “exclusion”.

Present the RN as the real opposition to the government

“If an LR deputy is fired from his group for having co-signed a motion of censure, he will be welcomed with open arms to the RN group! reacts immediately, in a group meeting, Marine Le Pen, who asks her right arm Jean-Philippe Tanguy to tweet it to make her position known publicly.

An ironic, but political message: the real opposition to the government is her. “Do you define yourself in opposition? Are you serious, worker? Our doors are open! “Abounds the deputy Rassemblement national Kévin Mauvieux, himself from the ranks of LR, ensuring the after-sales service of the chef. “There, for LR, it is no longer to be an ally, it is to be a mason of the majority! “, chokes in private Marine Le Pen, who herself intends to carry a motion of censure if necessary.

An explanation for the behavior of the Republicans, according to her: Éric Ciotti like Olivier Marleix would start from the principle that they would have lost the popular electorate and that the one that remains to them would only be made up of elderly people. The only social category that is in favor of the bill. For Marine Le Pen, the LR group – which she calls “trouple” because there are often only three in the hemicycle – is more an “addition of special interests” than a real political group. All the more reason to destabilize them.

Message well received, as evidenced by the behavior of this RN deputy from the south of France who went to see an LR deputy from the neighboring constituency of his: “Your electorate is the same as mine! If you vote for reform, it could be complicated…”

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